New Size Guide


Normal tights vary in length, but not by width, which is why it can be such a struggle to find tights that actually fit. Our tights are genuinely different sizes, which means they vary in height, width and around the waist so they fit every body shape.

Just pick your body shape either Athletic or Curvilicious - and trace down from your height and dress size to identify your Snag Size. If you are between sizes go for the larger size.


  • Size F & G are extra stretchy
  • We don't use extra panels in our tights
  • Our tights have extra stretch in the body so can be pulled up to just below the bra line or kept at the waist
  • If you are between sizes select the higher one
  • For Fishnets we have two sizes Fabulous (A-D) and Stunning (E-G)
  • We are currently trialing a short F size in black - this may work for you, if you find F a little long
  • Tights look small when they arrive - just remember they stretch lots - and have fun!

Size AB

Size C

Size D

Size E

Size F

Size G

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